Leading Party Members

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About Our Party

Name – Democractic Party (Myanmar)

Established In – 2010

Country – Union of Myanmar

Address of Party HQ – No.456, first floor, Theinphyu Road, Mingalar Taung Nyunt T.S, Yangon, Union of Myanmar

Phone No. +95 01 386475

E-Mail – democraticpartymyanmar1@gmail.com

Leading Party Menbers

Chairman – U Thu Wai

Secretary-General – Daw Than Than Nu

Secretary – Daw Cho Cho Kyaw Nyein

Treasurer – U Aung Nyein

Democractic Party (Myanmar) was founded by U Thu Wai and will contest in the upcoming year 2010 general election. U Thu Wai formed the party in association with Daw Than Than Nu (daughter of ex Prime Minister U Nu) and Daw Cho Cho Kyaw Nyien (daughter of ex Deputy Prime Minister U Kyaw Nyien).

The main objective of Democratic Party (Myanmar) is “To enable all the people of Myanmar to lead happy, friendly, tranquil and peaceful lives in the country, regardless of ethnic group, sex, religion, age, place of abode and wealth”

Central Executive Committee

1. U Thu Wai (Chairman)
2. U Tin Swe (Vice-Chairman)
3. Daw Than Than Nu (Secretary-general)
4. Daw Cho Cho Kyaw Nyein (General secretary)
5. U Aung Nyein (Treasurer)
6. U Pho Mingalar (Auditor)
7. U Aung Than Myint
8. U Thant Zin Myint
9. U Zay Aye Aung (Head of the Administrative Office)
10.U Hla Myint (Information Officer)
11. U Thein Tan
12. U Maung Maung
13. U Khin Maung Lwin
14. U Myint Kyi
15. U Htun Hlaing
16. U Than Zaw Aung
17. U Myat Soe
18. U Ohn Kyaing
19. Daw Tin Tin Mya (Party Organizer)
20. Daw Khine Khine Swe
21. U Thein Han
22. U Maung Aye
23. Daw Minnie Thin Kyaw
24. Daw Yin Yin Nyunt

our cec members

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Policy and Views (Extracts from Party Constitution)

Our Union of Myanmar is a union where 135 different ethnic groups live collectively. This Union belongs to all citizens. The development of the Union is also the duty of all citizens. This party is named “Democratic Party Myanmar”, with an aspiration for the Union to become a democratic country and to demonstrate that all matters concerning the Union also is a concern of the citizens.

Reconciliation between nationals is crucial for the development of the country. This policy can really be beneficial to the democracy, peace and national solidarity of the Union and Democratic Party (Myanmar) will adhere seriously to this policy and will strive to make it a success.

A transitional period is needed to make towards a new era and a new democratic policy. There are big duties to perform without fail. To be able to perform successfully, a peaceful atmosphere is needed and also a kind of conducive atmosphere shall be created to be able to achieve national reconciliation. Due to these needs we shall not dwell on the past atrocities but look forward to the new future and move on onto the road to develop the country

The democracy expounded by the Democratic Party (Myanmar) is to enable the eternal principles of liberty, justice and equality to flourish and to practice; for the citizens to enjoy fully the basic human rights of political freedom, economic freedom, judicial freedom, freedom of thinking, freedom of expression and freedom to campaign.

All citizens of the Union of Myanmar have equal rights to enjoy the protection of the government as well as Myanmar society. Especially children, old aged, handicapped and disabled people are the ones who shall enjoy the special protection of the State and its people.

The economic sector shall have the following – a free market economy, private production, private and foreign joint ventures, private and government joint ventures, private , government and foreign joint ventures, government to government joint ventures, cooperatives and the economic sector responsible by the government.

The government shall not interfere in trade and distribution works. The government shall take part only in the public services sector that the private sector could not take responsibility. Private businesses of individuals shall never be nationalized. It shall be guaranteed that the official currency will not be made void as legal tender.

Foreign investments shall be invited and shall be lawfully protected for the sake of all round development, production of goods, to attain technology know-how and to raise the country to the level of a modern industrial country.

Agriculture laws that are against democratic system and act as deterrents against production shall be reassessed. Those needed to be discarded shall be scrapped and those needed to make changes shall be amended.

The army consisting of worthy sons of the people shall be the army that continues to preserve the good traditions of the people’s army, the patriotic army and to protect the people and the State from all kinds of dangers. Historical tradition and the role of the army stood outstandingly. It is necessary to preserve this outstanding historical tradition of the army.

As the three main objectives of the people are non disintegration of the Union, non disintegration of National solidarity and perpetuation of sovereignty, it is also the three main objectives of the army.

In the international arena we shall follow the five international code of conduct: to respect vice versa the stability and sovereignty of a country, not to invade any country with arms, not to interfere in another country’s internal affairs, to treat each and every country on an equal friendly basis, to enjoy bilateral proceeds and to co-exist peacefully.

See the full Party Constitution here

DPM-Constitution (pdf download)